About DLL

Dark Link Light are an English songwriting duo. The name reflects contrasting personalities.

Lead vocals are split equally between tracks and each song on Alternatesses is written from the viewpoint of a different character. 

They plan to gig in Spring 2018, as a 5-piece, once the public becomes more accepting of their appearance.

About the Artwork

The band’s distinctive steam punk artwork is imagined by Rosa (pictured  above with DLL, one rainy Stockholm day).

Rosa employs artist, Chris Tuton, to give her world physical form.

Photo: ‘Dark Link Light with Rosa, watching’ by Mattias Gordon,
Product London.
C 2017 Dark Link Light

About the Songs

Its easy enough to find the meaning in most of the lyrics on Alternatesses but here are some thoughts from the lyricist:


I once spent the night with a girl, only to be told the next morning that she was flying out that evening to go travelling for a year. I’ve always wished I’d been spontaneous enough to tell her I was about to do the same, quit my job and follow her but it would probably have worked out like this.


Would you really act any differently as a ghost ? Put right all those mistakes you’d made in life? This song is about regret and self-realisation.

Missing Words

What if you finally won the lottery in your failing years, too late to enjoy it?
Would you too seek solitude, whilst creating a room in which the love of your life can spend time with the person they’d been with all those years?